Two of the most popular colour services at Lavya Hair Design are highlights and all over hair colours. Both are terrific alternatives for sprucing up your locks and also adding passion to your design. Yet just how do you determine which one to choose? You may even wish to do both. So, how do you understand what’s right for your hair as well as individual design?

If you like blonde styles that have icy, grey, ashy, or pearl tones to them, that implies you like a great toned blonde. If your complexion has even more pink, blue or red touches cooler blondes will certainly look best on you. When requesting a clean toned blonde, tell your stylist that you like your color to be a lot more on the ashier side. 

Be aware however, that this kind of colour may take a several visits to completely achieve your desired look, particularly if you are starting with very warm tones or undertones to your hair. 

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Warm blonds do not need to suggest brassy. Often, our clients are afraid of requesting a warmer toned blonde due to bad experiences or fear of having the undesirable yellow, orange hair colour.

Golden toned blonde hair can be extremely beautiful as well as additionally show up brighter, and also shinier than ashy golden-haireds. If you are drawn to buttery, honey, gold or bronze tones, a warm golden toned blonde may be the choice for you. 

Golden blondes match well with with bronze, peach or yellow skin tones.

Neutral blonds are ideal in the middle of cool ash tones as well as warmer golden tones. I like to consider neutral with off-white, velvety, or wheat tones. You can additionally try adding lowlights of a neutral colour if you’re currently platinum blonde or light blonde. In this way you obtain a combination of tones, which is an excellent means to ease into a new hair colour or look.

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Babylights are a more recent way of highlighting hair that we are huge fans of at Lavya Hair Design.  A great way to envision babylights is to think about a young girls hair. Primarily their natural shade, with those flawlessly placed all-natural looking highlights around the face, as well as brighter towards the ends of the hair. This is a great strategy for you if you like your all-natural shade, as well as just desire a few sun-kissed highlights or small fine highlights.

Babylights are done by weaving very fine bows of highlights all over, and also positioning brighter foils around the hairline as well as ends of the hair.  This allows for a really natural looking shade with a low maintenance regrowth.

If you have an excellent base tone and don’t intend change your colour too much, highlights are your ideal option. Highlights will just boost it by including streaks that are a shade or 2 lighter than your all-natural shade.

If you want to spice up a basic hairstyle with a couple of layers, highlights are a wonderful choice. The process is really flattering on brown and also dark blonde hair and also beneficial for covering a few grey hairs.

Understanding the Need for Toner

No matter who you are, everyone has an underlying pigment within their hair. This is based upon ethnic history and shade of the natural hair.

So after lightening your hair, occasionally reds, coppers, and yellow tones appear. This is normal, however, not to everyone’s taste. That’s where toners come in. 

Our stylists at Lavya Hair Design are extremely educated to alleviate brassiness and yellow tones to your highlights.

Most blondes will require a toner, particularly if you are heading for a cool, ashy shade.  A great way to maintain your blonde in between highlighting is to come in and have a professional shampoo and toner applied. This ensures the underlying shade you have in your cuticle is looked after and helps to stretch the time needed between treatments. Here is an example of highlights with toning to alleviate golden tones:

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At Lavya Hair Design, we offer highlighting packages that include foils, toner, haircut and styling. Our fixed price hair packages are hugely popular with our clients as there are no hidden costs. Combining colour, cutting and styling into one package also saves you money on paying for individual services. 

To help keep your hair salon visits affordable, we also offer zippay and afterpay on all highlighting packages. Click here to book a package or phone one of our friendly staff in our Toowoomba hair salon today.